Cremini City is rife with crime and corruption. Though it may seem calm and pleasant on the surface, the city streets are crawling with ruthless criminals, roving gangs, and a handful of crazed masterminds with unbelievable power.

But hope is not lost. The city is guarded by a lone protector, a spirit of blubbery vengeance willing to suck all the fruit juice of villainy from the Otter Pops of humanity.

He is Alex Portobello, a.k.a. the Black Walrus. Imbued with superhuman intelligence, he uses his arsenal of grappling hooks, “blubber”, and super balloons to fight back against the criminal scourge. His adventures are so thrilling, their creation caused Mark Twain to rise from the dead and pee himself with joy.

The Black Walrus comic series is written by Joseph Caldara, a professional ostrich masseuse and international Twinkie smuggler. He also writes the Bob and the Cyber-Llama series and the Classysturgeon blog.

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